Your new home

A helping hand

SnookerYour apartment is your home. As such, you are free to come and go, have friends and family visit and stay. In short, you are encouraged to lead the lifestyle you choose, and to be as active and as independent as you wish to be.

At the same time, it is reassuring to know there is help at hand if it is ever needed. The following services are available if you need them, either through our rest home and hospital, or facilitated through the DHB.

• Meals
• Cleaning and laundry
• Bathing and personal hygiene
• Medication management

And if you or your spouse or partner one day needs to be in full-time care, having Woburn Masonic Care next door means you can stay close to your family and friends and remain part of our community.

Woburn Masonic Care is one of the country’s top-performing rest homes and hospitals. In its 2014 certification audit, carried out by the Ministry of Health, no areas were identified as needing improvement. Indeed, four aspects of its operations were given the highest level of achievement possible.

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