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‘The Resident’ May 2014

Our community is growing

May-Newsletter-interior-viewHalf the apartments in Stage 1 of Woburn Apartments have now been sold or reserved. Our apartment consultant Zandy Atack says the village community is already approaching 50 people, a figure that includes a surprising number who are thinking to the future and have reserved an apartment in Stage 2.

“While many of the best apartments have been snapped up, there are still a few available which offer excellent location, outlook and sunshine to choose from. The location and design of the development means most of the apartments have good views.

“We’re at an exciting stage, where plans and drawings are becoming a reality. Areas that are swarming with tradespeople will soon be homes for our residents.”

She says it has been a busy summer and autumn in the Woburn Apartments showroom. But the greatest activity is on the building site.

Our project manager Alan Atack, says tradesmen with a wide range of specialist skills are at work with a single focus: construction of our stunning new apartments.

“The structure is almost complete. The roofing is advancing fast and will be completed just before the worst of the winter weather arrives.

“The exterior is being wrapped and windows are being installed progressively. The interior is a hive of activity with plumbers, electricians and installers of sprinklers and ducting all working around each other. It’s exciting stuff for those of us in the building industry.”

Sales documentation completed

If you have been waiting to see the legal documents before making a decision whether to acquire an occupational right agreement for Woburn Apartments, then your wait is over. The formal documents are now available.

The bundle of documents includes a legal disclosure statement, copies of the agreements and a code of residents’ rights.

The size of the bundle reflects the fact that you are buying a new home in a new community. When making such a significant move it is important that your rights are protected and that you fully understand what’s involved.

Importantly, when you buy into Woburn Apartments your monthly fees are fixed for life and you get a share of capital gain on sale.

Exciting interior design

May-Newsletter-colour-swatchesIn the next couple of months we will be presenting residents with our ideas for the interior design of the common areas in Woburn Apartments. Our design consultant Frances Fraser is developing some great concepts for colours, fabrics and furniture.

The designs will be contemporary, but will pick up on the art deco styles that are seen on many buildings in Hutt City. It’s a style that was adopted by the architects responsible for the postearthquake rebuild of Napier and which – when given a modern twist – is fashionable once again.

“Having seen some of these ideas developing in recent weeks we believe residents will be excited to see the selections. These will include a variety of art styles, furniture shapes and sizes, curtains and carpets, interesting quirky things and unexpected intimate seating areas for gathering with old and new friends or family,” says Zandy.

Marketing campaign resumes

Until recently, our marketing of Woburn Apartments has been relatively low key. We have produced a quality prospectus and website, but there has been little advertising.

During May and June a campaign involving half-page display advertisements and an insert are running in The Dominion Post. The aim is to sell as many of the Stage 1 apartments as we can before residents move in at the
end of the year.

“This will create a strong community from day one and enable us to expedite the construction of Stage 2, with its full range of recreational and leisure facilities,” says Woburn Villages Limited chief executive Warick Dunn.

With sales expected to accelerate in response to our advertising, now is the time to make an appointment to see what we have to offer you. There’s no obligation to buy, so even if you are undecided about whether you
want to move into a retirement community, now’s the time to come and have a look.

Contact Zandy in the showroom to view the remaining apartments and – if you are impressed – to reserve your place at this exclusive community. Zandy Atack, Telephone: 027 352 1854 Email:

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